Welcome to Klei Kodesh

Keren Klei Kodesh has been set up with one mission which is to Support Jewish educators with grants for life’s milestones, promoting well-being and tradition preservation in vibrant Jewish communities.

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Leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of tomorrow.

In our pursuit to empower Jewish faith teachers during life’s pivotal moments, we extend more than financial assistance; we weave a fabric of support that enriches the entire community. Through each grant, we’re not just easing financial burdens—we’re nurturing the seeds of tradition and knowledge that these educators plant in the hearts of the next generation. Our efforts today are the foundation stones for a vibrant, enduring Jewish culture, ensuring that the legacy of wisdom, faith, and unity leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of tomorrow.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse community and are here to help and support, no matter what.

Moses Schreiber

Founder & Trustee

Jacob Benedikt


Jakov Gratt


Hannah Snitzer